Generating Synonyms from Lexicon Nominalizations

I. Introduction

Nominalizations are synonyms. In order to save the linguist's tagging time, all nominalization pairs (nPairs) are removed from the the sClass candididate list (so the linguists does not need to tag them and then they are added back automatically). Please see the following two examples:

  • Example-1 (this type of sClass are taken care of in
    • sClass
      #SYNONYM_CLASS|C0001807|Aggressive behavior

    • nominalizations:
      • 1024|E0221219|aggress (nom of 128|E0007791|aggression)
      • 1|E0007792|aggressive (nom of 128|E0007793|aggressiveness)

      • Outputs: All five of above synonyms are used to generate sPairs
    • Example-2 (this type of sClass are taken care of in
      • sClass: no E0001532|Christian in sClass

      • Outputs: the nominalizations (synonyms) below are used to generate a sPair.
        • Christian|adj|E0001532
        • Christianity|noun|E0001534

    II. Process

    • Directory: ${LEXICON_SYNONYMS}
    • program: ./Synonym/
    • Script:
      • shell>cd ./bin/
      • shell>GetSynonyms ${YEAR} > log.14
    • Inputs:
      • ./inData/LRNOM
      • ./outData/Results/
    • Algorithm:
      • Go though all nominalizations to generate sPairs
      • Exclude those are already in synonymMeta
      • print to output file
    • Outputs:
      • ./outData/Results/
      • NpLc Synonym-1Synonym-1Pos-1Synonym-2Pos-2EUI-1