Generating Synonyms from the Original Lexical Tools Synonyms

I. Introduction

Before the new synonym approach in 2017 (2016-), the "SM.DB" in the Lexicon (2016) is a static file (with miminum updates since 2002), which includes 5058 sPairs. The "" file in the Lexical Tools (2016) were actually used for most application with very limited updated (since 2002) includes 5198 sPairs. In other words, "" contains "SM.DB" and latest updates. Thus, the sPairs in the "" are marked as NLP_LVG and kept in the new release. sPairs in "" are updated annaully by moving those sPairs that are found from Meta or Nom.

II. Process

  • Directory: ${LEXICON_SYNONYMS}
  • program: ./Synonym/
  • Inputs:
    • ./inData/ (from Lvg.2016)
    • ./outData/Results/
    • ./outData/Results/
  • Algorithm:
    • Go though all sPairs from original from Lvg
    • The (5,198) form Lvg contains the latest updates and thus was used. All 5,058 sPairs in the SM.DB are in the form the Lvg.
    • Exclude those are already in synonymMeta and synonymNom
    • print to output file
  • Program:
    • shell> cd ./bin
    • shell> GetSynonyms ${YEAR} > log.15
  • Outputs:
    • ./outData/Results/ (exist sPairs)
    • ./outData/Results/
      NpLc Synonym-1Synonym-1Pos-1Synonym-2Pos-2ORG_LVG