Prefix Table

I. Inputs

  • LEXICON.ascii

II. Outputs

  • File:
  • Format:
    normalized inflVarEUICitation Formspelling var 1spelling var 2...

III. Algorithm

  • Get Prefix table:
    shell>GetPrefixTable LEXICON.ascii
    • Read in LEXICON.ascii and load it into Hashtable<EUI, LexRecordObj>
    • Read in (ASCII)
      • This table is used to replace prefix table
      • It is linked from ${STMT_DIR}/PreProcess/data/Lex/{$YEAR}Ascii
      • It is done by ${STMT_DIR}/PreProcess/bin/1.PreStmt
    • Go through each line and print out (to

  • Sort and unify
    sort -u >

  • Check pure ASCII