Inflectional Variants Table

I. Inputs

II. Outputs

  • File:
  • Format:
    Base FormInflectional VariantCategoryinflection*

    * inflection: simple inflection + spvar

III. Algorithm

  • Get inflectional variants
    • Read in
    • Go through each line and print out (to
      • base form (lowercase)
      • inflectional variant (lowercase)
      • category (in name)
      • inflection (simple inflection in name)

  • Get spelling variants
    shell>GetSpellVars LEXICON.ascii
    • Read in LEXICON.ascii and convert LexRecords to Java Objects
    • Go through each LexRecord
      • combine citation and spelling variants (lowercase)
      • for each possible pair of base|spvar, print out (to
        • base form
        • spellingVars
        • category (in name)
        • spvar

  • Combine spellVars and inflVars and then sort and unify
    shell>cat |sort -u >

  • Check pure ASCII