Derivational Variants Table

I. Inputs

II. Outputs

  • File:
  • Format:
    Base FormCategory of Base FormDerivational VariantCategory of Derivation

    Lowercase and make sure all dPairs are symmetric

III. Algorithm

  • Get all base forms from
    • shell>flds 5,2 |sort -u >

      Base FormCategory

  • Get derivational variants for all base forms
    shell>GetDerivationalVariantsTableFromLvg ${LVG_CONFIG}
    • Use ${LVG_CONFIG} to specify which lvg is used
    • Instantiate LvgApi Java Object
      • Domain filter: facts only, OutputFilter.LVG_ONLY
      • Type: zeroD and suffixD, OutputFilter.D_TYPE_ZERO_SUFFIX
      • Negation: no negation, OutputFilter.D_NEGATION_OTHERWISE
    • Read in and store "base form|category" in a list
    • Go through each base form of above list
      • get derivational variants
      • check ASCII
      • print out
        • base form (lowercase)
        • category of base form
        • derivational variant (lowercase)
        • category of deirvations

  • Append dPairs from orginial Facts (unverified dPairs):
    This is only for MetaMap, not synchronize with Lexical Tools

  • Make sure symmetric for all dPairs
    This is only for MetaMap, Lexical Tools takes care of the symmetric automatically.

  • Sort and unify:
    shell>sort -u >

  • Check pure ASCII