Abbreviations and Acronyms


1EUIEui of base
2BASBase form of abbreviations or acronyms
3ABRAbbreviations or acronyms
4EUIEui of the base of abbreviations or acronyms
5BASBase form of the expansion of abbreviations or acronyms

Algorithm: Go through all lexical records and

  • Load EUI|spVars into a hash table

  • Find all records with abbreviations (" abbreviation_of=abbreviation|EUI")
  • Find all records with acronyms (" acronym_of=acronym|EUI")
  • Leave EUI blank if no Eui information is available
  • Print out EUI|bases|type|EUI of expansion|bases of expansion|, including follows:
    • EUI|citation|type|EUI of expansion|citation of expansion|
    • EUI|citation|type|EUI of expansion|spVars of expansion|

    • EUI|spVars|type|EUI of expansion|citation of expansion|
    • EUI|spVars|type|EUI of expansion|spVars of expansion|

PS. spVars of expansion are only available when the expansion is in LEXICON (with EUI).