How to Use Lexicon Tables (Java 8)

I. Introduction More than 14 LRXXX Lexicon tables are generated from Lexical records in the SPECIALIST Lexicon. These tables are used (through database) in Lexical Tools to retrieve lexical variants. On the other hand, these tables can be used directly with scripts or computer programs. This section demonstrates examples of using Java-8 APIs with these tables on bulk data operation for collection.

II. Examples

III. Conclusion
Java 8 bulk data operation has:

  • better performance with parallelism
  • better for code maintenance
    • smaller size
    • readability - control statement
    • writability - syntax easy to learn, good for prototype
  • better library APIs: client controls what, library controls how
  • software design paradigm is changed (OO to OO/functional)

IV. References