Requirements Capturing

The annual LEXICON must past following tests:

  • LexCheck Syntax Test
    This should be done in LexBuild on real-time when a lexRecord is added!


  • Standardize Test

    ${LEXICON}/bin/1.FinalizeLexicon <year>

    IDTest DescriptionsSource Program
    1Release Format: remove annotation & signatureLexCheck -f:r
    2Autofix Illegal Non-ASCII UnicodeLexBuild.FixIllegalNonAsciiChars

  • Content Test

    ${LEXICON}/bin/2.ValidateLexicon <year>

    • Check (fix) contents

      LexCheck.ValidateContentFromTextFile -f

      IDTest DescriptionsProgram
      2Remove base=E0000000.
      3Validate base: non-ASCII (if possible).
      4Validate base: no punctuation (if possible).
      7Cross reference: NOM/ABB/ACR.
      8derivation on NOM: spelling var.

    • Check Non-ASCII (Manually fix)


      • Manually go through *.Char and *.line and fix typos of non-ASCII characrters. The table below shows the common seen non-ASCII typos

        Character nameTypo
        mu[μ]U+03BCMicro Sign[µ]U+00B5
        beta[β]U+03B2Latin Sharp S[ß]U+00DF
        apostrophe[']U+0027Right single quote[’]U+2019
        apostrophe[']U+0027Left single quote[‘]U+2018
        hyphen[-]U+002DEN DASH[–]U+2013