Lexicon Web Site Annual Update Procedure

This page describes annual update procedures for the web site of SPECIALIST LEXICON.

I. Baseline

  • Copy the web site from the previous year
    shell> cd ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/
    shell> cp -r ${PREV_YEAR} ${YEAR}
  • Update ${YEAR} in banner*.html in ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/{YEAR}/Home
  • Update ${YEAR} in ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/{YEAR}/web/index.html

II. Update

  • Update Statistics - both Lexicon growth and wordCount growth
    • Dir: ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/${YEAR}/docs/designDoc/UDF/statistics/
    • Update lexiconGrowth.jpg (from PC, MS-Excel)
      • In PC, copy ${WORK}/${YEAR}/Projects/Lexicon/Stats/growth.${YEAR}.xls from previous year
      • Open and update growth.${YEAR}.xls
      • Add records and forms from ./outputs/statistics.txt to growth.${YEAR}, the difference are auto-calculated
      • Add ${YEAR} data/Year to the chart
        • Move cursor to the chart
        • Right Click and select "Select Data..."
        • Use cursor/shift to select data range - Column A, B, C (include 1st row), (Growth!$A$1:$C$25)
          => or just modify the row value (26 -> 27)
        • Click on Legend Entries (Series): Year, Lexical Items, Inflected Forms -> click Edit and change Series Values (26 -> 27)
        • Click on Horizontal Axis Labels -> click Edit and change Axis label range (26 -> 27) or use cursor to select column A (not include 1st row) to change to the right year value (Growth!$A$2:$A$25) - see the enxt step

      • Edit Horizontal Axis (Year) Labels
        • Click "Year" on the dialog window
        • Click Eidt button (on the right side)
        • Select range: (Growth!$A$2:$A$25), select year range by cursor/shift
      • Save the image
        • Copy to PowerPoint
        • Use Save as Pictures and save to JPG format


        • Open Paint
        • Copy the chart from Excel and paste to Paint
        • Save as jpg (${YEAR}LexiconGrowth), include frame
      • Add ${UDF}/statistics/${YEAR}.html
      • Update ${UDF}/statistics/growth.html

    • Similar steps for word stats
      • growth.${YEAR}.xls
      • Run LMW vs LSW stats
        • shell>mkdir ${LMW}/data/${YEAR}/inData
        • shell>cd ${LMW}/data/${YEAR}/inData
        • shell>ln -sf ${LEXICON}/data/${YEAR}/tables.release/inflVars.data inflVars.data
        • shell>cd ${LMW}/bin
        • shell>01.ElementWords ${YEAR}
      • Update data to WordCount in growth.${YER}.xls from ${LMW}/${YEAR}/outData/01.ElementWord/LexStats.data
      • Add ${YEAR} data/Year to the chart
        • Move cursor to the chart
        • Right Click and select "Select Data..."
        • select Year, then click Edit, update series values
        • repeats above steps for Single Words and Multiwords
        • Save image as jpg in Paint
      • Add ${UDF}/wordStatis/${YEAR}.html
      • Update ${UDF}/wordStatis/growth.html

    • Updates POS distribution
      • use data in ${LEXICON}/data/${YEAR}/outputs/statistics.txt
      • POS-${YEAR}
      • Update POS.
      • Ususally, only the top 4 POS changes (Noun, Adj, Verb, Adv)

      • Update ${UDF}/statistics/posDist.html
  • Routine update web site as follows:
  • Create realm on Fluid Dynamic Search Engine
    • fdse -> Admin -> Manage realms -> Create Realm
    • Name: lexicon${YEAR}
    • File Name: lexicon${YEAR}.txt
    • Choose: Website Realms - File System Discovery
    • Base URL" http://${SERVER}.nlm.nih.gov/LexSysGroup/Projects/lexicon/${YEAR}
    • Folder: ${APACHE}/docs/LexSysGroup/Projects/lexicon/${YEAR}
    • Create New Realm -> Rebuild
  • Update download
    • Dir: ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/${YEAR}/web/release/
    • Add ${YEAR}.html
    • Update index.html
  • Update ${YEAR} on following pages:
    • ./web/index.html
  • Update Lexicon release
    • Copy from ${BACKUP}/Releases/UMLS/${YEAR}_pre_release to ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/${YEAR}/release
      • LEX
      • LEX/ASCII
      • LEX/XML
      • LEX.tgz

III. Deploy

  • Target Computer:
    • To lexdev: deployment testing
    • To lexsrv2: public accessibility testing
    • To lexsrv3: official release

  • Procedures:

    I. Copy whole copy of ${APACHE} from source to target

    • Pack ${WEB_PROJECTS}/lexicon/${YEAR} to ${YEAR}.tgz
    • sftp ${TARGET_COMPUTER}
    • Move to correct directory & unpack

    II. Re-index FDSE search engine