LexBuild - Check Irreg Base Forms

This feature identifies possible errors on irreg base forms when there are spelling variants. Lexical syntax is changed in 2004 to add base form as the first field of the irreg inflectional variants line. Sometimes, the base form is not corresponding to the followed inflectional variants. This feature identifies records with this problem by checking base form and all spelling variants are listed in the irreg line.


shell> $LEXBUILD_DIR/Tools/PostProcessing/CheckIrreg






There are records with base form or spelling variants are not irreg while others are irreg. These records are correct and considered as exceptions from above algorithm. Records with exceptions are found as listed below:

  • E0014787|callus|noun|
  • E0020162|curette|verb|
  • E0023519|distill|verb|
  • E0023712|dolor|noun|
  • E0031591|hiccup|verb|
  • E0031663|high-risk|adj|
  • E0038036|long-term|adj|
  • E0038140|low-density|adj|
  • E0038141|low-dose|adj|
  • E0038142|low-fat|adj|
  • E0038144|low-grade|adj|
  • E0043673|okay|verb|
  • E0065382|whiz|verb|